Prototyping Board #1 – 1.1 Update

A quick update on the Prototyping Board #1.

Prototyping Board #1, also known as “Breadboard PCB” has evolved to version 1.1. Same concept, small improvements, better usability!

What’s new or modified:

  • Silkscreen has been enhanced. It’s easier now to see and understand the copper layout. In version 1.0, with all the holes, it was a bit difficult to follow copper paths. Now, silkscreen traces are double sided and thicker.
  • Barrel Jack connector silkscreen is easier to read and understand.
  • Two mounting holes on the right side are wider. This makes easier to mount your PCB on different systems.

What’s unchanged:

  • Layout is still the same as a standard solderless breadboard.
  • 5 strips for power supply, connected to 2 different kind of power connector footprints: 3-way screw terminal and barrel jack connector.
  • 2 x 12 head connector footprint with individual pin assignment.
  • High quality factory made PCB, with plated through holes, high contrast silkscreen and high resistance against heat and scratches solder mask.

As always, I wait for your comments and suggestions.

PCBs can be ordered on eBay and my Tindie Store.


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