Components and parts

This is a list of components and parts regularly employed in my modules, and where to get them.
This list is not exhaustive nor guaranteed to be up-to-date . If you find any error, or want to add an additional source, feel free to comment below.


Vertical Jacks 3.5mm Mono

  • Thonkiconn” (QingPu WQP-PJ301M-12, WQP-WQP518MA, WQP-PJ398SM…):

Horizontal Jacks 3.5mm Mono

Cliff Jacks come under a lot of references, which can be a bit confusing. The common reference is S6/BB. The variations are about the contact plating, the terminations (for PCB or wires), if the connector comes with a nut or not, and some obscure, very specific variations that you won’t probably encounter anyway.
CL1384 and FCR1281 seem to be the most common, and correspond to the footprint employed in my designs. They are for PCB, with the nut.
Please, have a look to the following datasheet:

Vertical Jacks 3.5mm Stereo

  • Stereo Thonkiconn (PJ366ST)

Integrated Circuits


  • 9mm Right Angle (Horizontal) “Alpha”
  • 9mm Vertical “Alpha” with bushing
  • 9mm Vertical “Alpha” without bushing