How to generate a BOM in KiCad 4.0

I’m switching from KiCad 3 to KiCad 4.

While version 3 offered a simple, quite un-customizable, CSV generated BOM, version 4 now only offers a raw XML export.

As KiCad website says:

BOM generation is extensible via Python scripts or XSLT, which allows many configurable formats.

“many configurable formats” This is great! It’s even possible to use any program or language other than Python and XSLT to translate the XML in whatever format pleases you.

The downside is, it requires additional steps before you can actually generate a BOM. It seems a bit complicated but it’s not. Read below.

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Ground is Not your Negative Rail

Unfortunately, the PSU you just bought isn’t adequate for your Eurorack system?
It’s common to be confused by the “-V” label.


Yes, “-V” on a PSU is a “negative” output, but only compared to the positive output. Your synth needs more!

So, what is the difference between “-V” and “ground”? How to select and use a proper power supply for your Synth?
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