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Simple VCO

Following the Simple LFO module, here comes the Simple VCO.
It’s a very stripped down version of the Formant VCO, modified and adapted to the Eurorack format.
This circuit is also present in the VCO section of the DM77 Drum Module.

The Simple VCO is 1V/Oct capable. In order to reduce the number of parts, only one waveform output is available.
The result is a super simple module, easy to build, to understand and maintain.
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My new DS8 Clone isn’t ready yet, but…

Breadboarding is fun!

I’m still working on my DS8 Clone. I made 2 previous versions, but I’m not satisfied enough. The fact is DS7 or DS8 drums and their “clones” suffer from the original design flaws. All those clones are copies from the original model, with some additions. But they inherit the poor quality design. To mention a few, the low amplitude output, the poor noise source, the linear release enveloppe shape, the lack of punch on attack, the lack of 1 V/Oct tracking… And it’s not easy to debug.

So, I decided to completely redesign the guts of my next Drum Synth. Same behaviour, better characteristics.
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