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Simple VCO – Update 0.2

The Simple VCO belongs to the same series as the Simple LFO.
It’s a very stripped down version of the Formant VCO, modified and adapted to the Eurorack format.
This is the updated documentation for version 0.2.

The Simple VCO is 1V/Oct capable. In order to reduce the number of parts, only one waveform output is available.
It is a super simple module, easy to build, to understand and maintain, yet fun to play and musically accurate.
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MFOS Sound Lab Mini-Synth in SMT – Assembly Instructions – v1.4

The SMT adaptation was a hobby project. The MFOS designs are the property of SynthCube.
If you want to buy PCB for the MFOS synths, please visit musicfromouterspace.com

This is the build documentation for version 1.4. It’s an update from V1.3 documentation. The version 1.4 is the latest and final version. All previous corrections and mods have been integrated and thus it’s fully working and requires no further modification.

MFOS Sound Lab Mini-Synth is a cool analog monophonic synthesizer. The original version has been created by Ray Wilson from Music From Outer Space.

The Eurorack Sound Lab Mini-Synth

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