MFOS SoundLab MiniSynth in SMT – 1.2 Update

The SMT adaptation was a hobby project. The MFOS designs are the property of SynthCube.
If you want to buy PCB for the MFOS synths, please visit

This is an updated version of my SMT conversion of MFOS SoundLab MiniSynth!

There’s an updated version available. Please, check the latest informations here.

I corrected all the small quirks I previously made. And I replaced a lot of the remaining THT components by SMT ones.
This version works very well Out Of The Box (and after a couple hours of soldering of course).

And I’m doing some laser tests:

More informations to come!

9 thoughts on “MFOS SoundLab MiniSynth in SMT – 1.2 Update

  1. Cool! I was waiting for this 🙂

    Are you willing to share the design or maybe sell a PCB? As I commented on your previous post about the MFOS SoundLab, I wanted to make an SMT version of this but I never quite had the time to finish it because of other projects and yours looks neat and easy to do!

      1. Would you be willing to share the KiCad files and other technical files for hobbyists? I’ve been thinking about adapting the SoundLab as a semimodular to fit in a eurorack case, but i was impressed to see someone had done almost exactly what I was planning already!

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