KiCad 3D Library – BOURNS-3296

I’m updating all my current designs in order to incorporate WRL/STEP 3D models. They provide a convenient way to check mechanical issues, especially with cases and front panels.

Bourns 3296 Trimpots
The Bourns 3296 3/8″ Trimpots are missing from the official KiCad 3D Library, so I decided to create my own.

It’s also a useful way to learn how to use FreeCAD and Github.
I’m also using kicad StepUp for model conversion, alignement and scaling.

You can find my 3D lib on GitHub here:

One thought on “KiCad 3D Library – BOURNS-3296

  1. Great, now I can see what the difference is for 3296 WXYZ; the screw location.
    Kicad7 now has “upright” footprints for these, but not for the “layed down” (vertical?) footprint, with the legs bent 90deg.

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