MFOS SLMS V1.4 – Final prototype version!

The SMT adaptation was a hobby project. The MFOS designs are the property of SynthCube.
If you want to buy PCB for the MFOS synths, please visit

The MFOS SLMS in Eurorack/SMD, version 1.4 – PCB made front panel

No wiring at all! 33HP Front panel.

3 inputs: 2 CV in and 1 Gate/Trig input.

Fits any shallow case!

Single board, large and easy to solder surface mount devices.


3 thoughts on “MFOS SLMS V1.4 – Final prototype version!

  1. This is beautiful; great work! I am planning to do something similar with the Sound Lab Mini Synth Mark II; I hope in a year from now I will have three or more in my rig to use in a polyphonic setup.

  2. Hello David,

    I am in the process of sourcing parts for my 1.4 slms.
    Is it okay to use 2.2uF for c13?
    I’m having trouble finding a 2uF in 1206 format…
    Or would you recommend just getting another size and “making it fit” so the LFO range is as designed?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi, yes, 2.2µF is fine. 80-C1206C225J5R for example. You can also use different values. Smaller values will increase the overall frequency of the LFO.

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