Eurorack Power Bus – 14 Connectors

After my first Compact Power Bus, I decided to go bigger and I designed a 14 connector Eurorack Power Bus.

There are different buses available, with various sizes and number of connectors.

It’s a useful power distribution board for Eurorack synths.
Place the Bus Board in the back of your Eurorack Skiff or your monster case and plug in it your modules.

There are even more than 14 connectors:
In addition to the 14 standard 16 pin Eurorack connectors, you will find 2 Analogue Systems connectors and six 3 pin “1U tile” connectors.
The +5 V rail is regulated on-board (using the +12 V rail, 1.5 A max).

The bus is 20 cm long, 5 cm wide (7.87″ x 1.97″).

There are 3 LEDs for Voltage Rails visualization. Input is made by one Screw Terminal connector (recommended) or by Eurorack 16-pin connector (as in a chained bus topology).

Screw Terminals are very versatile. You can connect easily any Power Supply to the Bus Board. You can replace it by any 5.08 mm pin pitch connector. Be careful to not over tighten screws:

Over tighten screw… damn!

LEDs shows you if there’s energy on the rails, and with the correct polarity. HE-10 Connectors are keyed: no more deadly reverse polarity plugging error! Even in the dark or deep into your case, don’t fear to kill your module by reversing the connector. Don’t fear to miss a pair of pins, which generally ends in a nasty firework too.

Less magic smoke, more music!


Here’s a suggested Mouser BOM:

505-MKS2D031001A00MC 3
647-UVZ1H010MDD1TA 2
604-WP710A10LYD 3
621-1N4007 2
710-61201621621 14
534-8719 1
538-22-30-3364 1
575-199316 2
603-CFR-25JR-521K 2
603-CFR-25JR-52470R 1
511-L7805ABV 1

I’m not familiar with Mouser, so, I strongly encourage you to check twice the references provided above.

You can also use the following tool for placement of the components:
Interactive BOM (updated 20190110)

I have some surplus available for purchase on my Tindie Store and on my eBay Profile!

I sell on Tindie


DIY Eurorack ribbon power cables

13 thoughts on “Eurorack Power Bus – 14 Connectors

  1. Salut, est il possible de te commander 3 pcb de busboard en direct? Je voudraiseviter de créer des comptes sur l’une ou l’autre plateforme juste pour ça

    1. Salut,
      Il est tout à fait possible de m’acheter des kits ou des PCB (s’il m’en reste) sans passer par l’une ou l’autre plateforme. 🙂
      Dans ce cas, il suffit de m’envoyer un message ou un email.

    1. They are Analogue Systems power connectors. (
      AS makes modules with a different power connector than the classic 16 HE10 pin headers found on Doepfer’s style busses.
      For AS module owners, instead of using an adaptor, they can directly plug them on the bus.

  2. Hello, i saw that new 1.1 version contains two power input connectors. Is it possible to use it for connecting of two boards (PSU > BB1 > BB2)? So second connector on BB1 would be used as an output for BB2.

    1. Hello,
      You’re absolutely right, you can connect two bus boards this way. It’s a better way to chain two buses than to use a ribbon cable. Optionally, in order to reduce impedance on the rails, you can double the connection to the PSU: PSU > BB1 > BB2 and PSU > BB2.

      1. Thank you for quick message! I didn’t know i can reduce impedance this way. Btw. i use your smaller bus board and it works great 😉

        1. You’re welcome! 🙂 And I’m glad you appreciate the compact bus!
          Also, to reduce impedance, you can double or triple the number of wires attached to the screw terminals. Same effect as using thicker wires.
          Please, show us some pictures of your setup! 🙂

  3. excellent PS power buss ,so easy to build , the kits are are very adaptable and flexable to my needs , thank you , clean power is the first step to a great euro rack system

    Thanks again

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