Linear Eurorack Power Supply

Linear regulation. +12V / -12V /+5V. Up to 1A.

This is a project I started a couple years ago. While I’m very satisfied with my Mini Dual Power Supply, I needed a stronger one.

This power supply is based on the classic Linear Regulator family, 78xx and 79xx.
It’s divided in 3 distinct parts:

  • Right after the transformer output, you find the diode bridge rectifiers.
  • Then comes the filter section, with the big capacitors.
  • Finally, the linear regulators.

This PSU needs a 12V, 1A per rail, dual winding transformer, toroidal or regular.

For example: Toroidal transformer 30VA 2x 12V, 2 x 1.25 A

Be careful! Mains power supply voltage is highly dangerous and potentialy lethal!

Input: 4 wires, separate windings, screw terminal on K1.

Outputs: +12V / -12V /+5V, screw terminal and Eurorack 16 pin connector.


The PCB is 10 x 10 cm wide.


Examples of a completed board:

Download the schematics and build instructions (PDF).

I also sell a couple of kits, check my store on Tindie.

I sell on Tindie

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