Simple LFO 1.3

I released a new update of the Simple LFO, now in version 1.3.
The update is mostly about how the LED blinks.

Attention! This is an OLD version!
An updated and improved version is available!

But the biggest news is that I provide now a cool BLACK 4HP front panel!
The panel is in 2mm thick PCB material, very stiff, and looks so good!

PCB top side

Simple LFO is available on Tindie!

About the BOM

Many component values are not critical in the Simple LFO. It’s a robust circuit which can tolerate many experiments and modifications of the values.

The 2 input capacitors C5 and C6 can have any value between 1µF and 100µF. A common value is 10µF. One important thing is the minimal operating voltage of C5 and C6: it mustn’t go below 25V.

TL084 or TL074?

The TL08x and TL07x are interchangeable. They are pin-to-pin compatible, the voltage levels are identical.
The TL07x family is a lower noise version of the TL08x family.
However, the signal levels involved in synth modules is probably somehow immune to noise problems.
So feel free to use whichever version you want.



4 thoughts on “Simple LFO 1.3

  1. Cheap, quick and easy to build. Worked the first time. I like it’s wide range (I get between 1 cycle/5 seconds for the lowest setting to around 1KHz highest). I especially liked the interactive BOM… I wish I had that for the other modules I built since I usually spend 1/2 my time locating components on the boards! The only feature I miss is a CV in to trigger cycle resets. Still useful as it is, but synching it would be a big Plus. One minor thing is the output’s hole is a bit too big for my jacks… I had to find a washer of correct size to install it properly. Besides that, overall, I think this module provides an excellent Price vs. Joy ratio. I will use it often and will stay connected 🙂 Très bon travail, David! (joli panneau aussi)

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