Simple Mixer with 3 Mono Inputs

A quick post about an old design.
This is a simple 3 mono input mixer.

3 Mixer Modules I use extensively

PCB layout
Front Panel example (click to download FPE CAD file)



Reference Value
U1 TL072
R7 10k
R10 47k
R9 10k
R8 10k LOG
R4 47k
R1 10k LOG
R2 10k LOG
R3 10k LOG
R5 47k
R6 47k
C1 100n
C2 100n
J1 Output
K1 Inputs
TP1 Mix
TP2 In1
K3 Output
C3 100µ
C4 100µ
L1 Bead
L2 Bead
TP3 +12V
TP4 -12V
K2 Euro Power

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