Passive Multiple

The Passive Multiple is the simplest module you can find in a Modular Synth. But you really need a bunch of them.

It simply allows you to share your signals: One output to several inputs.

Erthenvar’s Jacks

It’s passive. You don’t need to power it. It won’t draw any current.
It’s Ultra Low Noise and its THD approaches 0%.

(Yeah, it’s a cable. And, well, honestly, any piece of wire can pick some noise and can act either as a capacitor or as an inductance.)

Front Panel Express

In Passive Multiple, one input is directly connected to 3 outputs. Actually, any jack can act as an input or as an output. It’s important to connect only one module output to the Passive Multiple input, or it could damage the weakest module’s output.

It’s possible to daisy chain several Passive Multiple. If jack n°1 is unconnected, the input signal can be delivered by a “master” Passive Multiple.
Pluging a jack in connector J1 disconnect the “slave” input and let your Passive Multiple standalone.

Passive Multiple Schematics
Passive Multiple PCB
3 HP Front panel example

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  1. Hi! I had a lot of fun so far soldering the modules I purchased from you and I appreciate the kind notes you add! But I was wondering: what part number do you use for these jacks? I don’t want to order jacks and have them be a few millimetres off compared to the footprint on the PCB’s.

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