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MFOS is short for Music From Outer Space.
Ray Wilson is the original creator of the MFOS Synths, such as the Sound Lab Mini-Synth, the Weird Sound Generator, and many many more cool stuff.

The designs I publish here are adaptations of some of his original materials, modified for the Eurorack format.

Those variations are under the same copyright as Ray’s.

I only sell surplus prototypes PCBs.

MFOS Weird Sound Generator in SMT

Here comes my next conversion of Ray’s classic analog synthesizer, the Weird Sound Generator!

Eurorack version of MFOS Weird Sound Generator, with prototype laser etched front panel

This is the same process as for my previous SMT/Eurorack conversion of the Sound Lab Mini-Synth. The circuit is identical to the original, including component references.

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