Switched Mode Power Supply, first tests

The SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) is a Eurorack, panel mounted, PSU project.

The caracteristics are as follow:
Input: 18 to 36 Volts DC (any Laptop style adapter) @ 2 Amps.
Output: +12/-12 Volts DC @ 1.25 Amps per channel.

Eurorack format, 4 HP wide, 52mm deep (without rear connections).

The PSU employs two 15 Watts Mean Well modules. Output noise is 60mVp-p at 150kHz minimum, so, it shouldn’t be a problem at all for audio purpose.
Actually, for 12V output, it represents only 0.5% ripple at 150kHz. With good decoupling, it should be eliminated in the end.

It’s a very “cool” solution (it’s actually cooler than any linear solution for the same power) for your Eurorack skiff. It’s lightweight, robust, efficient…

The only drawback, for now, is the price. Aluminium panels and Mean Well modules are expensive.
I still need to realise more full load, burn in, and real life tests.

Eurorack SMPS Top side PCB

Bottom side PCB

4 thoughts on “Switched Mode Power Supply, first tests

    1. Hey, thank you! The project is working. I use it from time to time. I can’t ear noticeable noise coming from the modules… However, I didn’t characterized that point.

  1. Hi, are you selling these as a complete system? If so, how much? I need. the whole system: wall wart or power brick, the module as shown here, and flying bus(es) that connect to the module. Am I missing anything?

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