Prototyping Board

Prototyping Board

Everyone needs to start with something. Actually, I started with something else, in Real Life. But for this blog “about me, my life and my electronic projects”, this is a good entry point.

I like to test my electronic projects on these nice solderless breadboards, they are convenient, they allow quick prototyping… But when you want to keep your circuit, to last forever, you need an alternative to « solderless ».

There are stripboard cards. They’re made with long copper strips, in 2.54 mm pre-drilled steps.

So then, why don’t use one of those numerous inexpensive stripboards, that you can find for nothing on ebay or everywhere else?
Well first, because, as for any project I will show you in this blog, I could say “I Did It Myself”.
And second, as far as I know, none reproduce the look and feel of your breadboard. One where you don’t have to cut strips. One where you simply copy your breadboard layout to your permanent printed circuit board.

Here comes this little PCB I designed : a simple reproduction of a solderless breadboard where you can actually solder your components.

Layout and dimensions

As you can see, it’s almost like a classic breadboard. Long (30 hole’s long) horizontal strips for power rails, on top and bottom. 5 or 6 hole’s vertical strips for signals. Plus some power connectors : a 3 way screw terminal and a classic power barrel jack socket. They are already connected to their corresponding power strip lines.

Finally, on the right side, you’ll find connections for header connector, up to 2×10 pins.

Hole spacing are 2.54 mm. Dimensions are 50 mm height x 100 mm wide.

All the design (mostly PCB design as there’s not much electrical schematic in there) has been made with the free KiCad tool.

As for all my projects, I use services from PCB houses. They provide professional top quality finished products. No more hassle with UV lights, dangerous etchant liquids, drill press…
The price for this tranquility is the minimum quantity you have to order.
So, as for all the project I’ll show you in this blog, I always have surplus PCBs to sell.

If you’re interested, contact me. I accept PayPal, and I send around the world.
Or, you can buy via ebay. See “shop” section.

Strips, strips, strips…

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