Hi, I’m David.

I’m in love with Electronic and Synthesizers since I’m a kid.

My first experiments were with some recycled LEDs I connected directly across 9V batteries. I was fascinated by the green glowing light. But, I was also surprised they died soon after… I wasn’t aware then of the need to protect LEDs with resistors to limit the current!

I was also impressed by the fanciful instruments JM Jarre and others used in their concerts. Back then, I thought owning such a synthesizer was impossible.

My first keyboard!

After long years without touching a soldering iron, working as a programmer, I decided to go back to hardware things.

I discovered the DIY movement. I also discovered Ray Wilson’s website Music From Outer Space.
It was a revelation. Yes, thanks to him, I convinced myself it was possible to create those synths I dreamed of!

Today, I spend a lot of time designing PCBs.
Ray Wilson’s work was of course a huge source of inspiration. I also borrowed some circuits and ideas from the web. Now I try to create my own musical instruments.

I have surplus PCBs and prototypes to sell. Feel free to contact me or take a look at my Tindie store.


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  1. Hi David , a while ago i did buy a few of your eurorack pcb’s and was wondering whether you also are selling matching panels or blank panels that would work on these pcb’s ? and could you please put up the ebay offer again ?

  2. Hi David. Any WSG pcbs for sale, here or anywhere? I have a throughhole version, but I’d love to make up a eurorack version. Thanks in advance.

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